How to Get Seeds in Harvest Land + Never Run Out

Follow these tips to never run out of seeds in the Harvest Land game again!

Harvest Land Seeds | How to Get Seeds in Harvest Land Game + Never Run Out

How to Get Harvest Land Seeds (and Never Run Out)

Seeds in the Harvest Land game are essential building blocks for establishing and expanding your land straight from level 1, so you don’t want to be caught without them!

Once you run out, it can be a little difficult to get your hands on more, unless you follow these simple tips to keep seeds in reach at all times.

Keep Your Storage Warehouse Stocked

It’s easy to get carried away planting crops and feeding the birds, and before you know it, you’re all out of seeds! Of course, you should do your best to keep an eye on your storage warehouse numbers to make sure you aren’t running too low.

However, running out or critically low will happen to the best of us at some point, and so this next tip will give you a bit of an insurance policy:

Leave Space for Bushes to Grow

This tip is so simple, and yet I see SO many Harvest Land players do their best to fill up every bit of space on their land, so as to intentionally keep those pesky bushes from growing back.

I totally understand those bushes can be a little unsightly and inconveniently placed, but they will save your butt when you run out of seeds because they each provide you with one seed when you dig them up! Therefore, I like to leave a little open space on my land for bushes to randomly pop up, and make sure to leave at least some of them in place for when my storage is running very low.

Plant Wheat or Corn to Multiply Seeds

You may have noticed that when you plant crops in Harvest Land, they produce the crop, as well as more seeds. However, some crops produce more seeds than what was used, some the same as were used, and some less. Those that produce fewer seeds than the number planted will drain your seed stockpile faster, so be careful and be sure to replenish.

When you plant wheat or corn, you will have to use 1 seed to plant, but 2 seeds will be produced, effectively multiplying the seed you used by 2! Plus, wheat and corn grow very quickly so planting them can help you replenish your seed stock quickly when you’re running low.

Buy Seeds Cheap from Visiting Ships

If you’re running low on seeds and didn’t follow the above advice, or even if you did, you can often see seeds for sale on ships visiting from others’ lands. They will often generally be dirt cheap, so unless you’re overflowing already, go ahead and snag them.

Request Seeds on Your Whale or in Your Clan

If you’re really desperate, you can request seeds on your whale or in your clan. I personally like to avoid this at all costs so as not to waste my requests and then have to wait to request something else.

On the other hand, when someone else requests seeds I’m generally able to help while feeling a little bad for them. I’ve also noticed that generally, those that have to request seeds do NOT leave room for bushes to grow on their land, so when they run out completely they’re kinda stuck until they get help. Don’t let that be you – leave room for bushes!

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Too Many Seeds? Tips to Clear Them Fast

Sometimes you collect seeds faster than you can use them and they will start to take up too much room in your storage warehouse. If that happens, you can do the reverse of some of the above tips to get rid of some seeds fast:

  • Feed seeds to the birds
  • Plant crops that produce fewer seeds than planted
  • Fill boat, ship or clan requests for seeds
  • Offer seeds for sale on your ship

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Harvest Land Seeds | How to Get Seeds in Harvest Land Game + Never Run Out (Harvest Land Game Tips)