Best Grandparents Day 2020 Ideas! (Gifts, Activities, Crafts)

Happy Grandparents Day! Best Crafts, Gifts + Activities Ideas for Grandparents Day

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Grandparents Day is a time to celebrate and show appreciation for our grandparents! But what exactly should you do for Grandparents Day?

If you have no idea what to do for Grandparents Day or what makes a good gift for grandparents, you’re in luck! I’ve collected some adorable, fun activities and crafts for the whole family to give you some inspiration, as well as some DIY and store-bought gift ideas for Grandma and/or Grandpa.

So let’s get started!


Perfect Grandparents Day Activity for Kids: Interview Their Grandparents!

Here’s a perfect fun quality-time activity for kids to do with their grandparents on Grandparents Day: get to know them better with an interview!

You can print out these adorable FREE fill-in-the-blank interview printables from Where The Smiles Have Been and have your kids practice their penmanship by filling them out during the interview! 😉

Scavenger Hunt Kid’s Activity to Find Grandpa’s Things!

Another fun way for kids to spend some quality time with Grandpa (and get to know him a little better too!) is this “I Spy Grandpa’s Things” Free Printable Scavenger Hunt Activity by Crafted with Bliss! (NOTE: you can pay $1 for the printable, or enter your email to get it free!)

Grandparents Day Craft Activity for the Whole Family: Fingerprint Family Tree!

Here’s something you, your kids and the rest of the family can do WITH grandparents and then give to them as a keepsake – a DIY kit to make a family tree of your thumbprints!

Family Tree Fingerprint Kit >>

Make Homemade Grandparents Day Gifts with Your Kids!

Another great activity you and your kids can do together is to make homemade Grandparents Day gifts! Keep reading for some great ideas!


If you like, you and your kids can make something homemade to give Grandma and Grandpa, or you can buy something. I’ve got some great affordable options either way!

DIY + Homemade Gift Ideas for Grandparents Day

Grandkids Make Life Grand” DIY Photo Display

An adorable DIY keepsake for grandparents to proudly display photos of all their grandkids!

Homemade Gift Idea for Grandparents Day: "Grandkids Make Life Grand" DIY Wood Sign + Photo Display (via Where the Smiles Have Been)
Photo Display Project by Where the Smiles Have Been

Duel-Sided “Grandpa” + “Dad” Etched Glass Project (Gift from You AND Your Kids!)

This DIY duel-sided glass project is the perfect gift to give to Grandpa, from both you and your kids (to “Dad” and “Grandpa”). It also makes for a great Father’s Day gift!

Duel Sided "Grandpa" + "Dad" Etched Glass Project by Where the Smiles Have Been
Etched Glass Project by Where the Smiles Have Been

Pre-Made Grandparents Day Gifts

Fun Grandma + Grandpa Shark Tees (for Baby Shark Song Fans)

If your family is a fan of the Baby Shark song, these his and hers Grandparents tees by Shrimp Salad Circus will make for great fun gifts!

Welcome to Grandma and Grandpa’s House” Admission Sign

G+G’s House Admission Sign >>

More Gift Ideas for Grandmother

Grandma’s Brag Board” Grandchildren Photo Display

Grandma’s Brag Board >>

Made Like You” Glass Cross + Note

“Made Like You” Cross >>

Generations Necklace (for Grandmother, Mother + Granddaughter)

Generations Necklace >>

More Gift Ideas for Grandfather

I Love You Grandpa” Picture Frame

“ILY Grandpa” Picture Frame >>

Best Grandfarter Ever” Funny Mug

“Best Grandfarter” Mug >>

My Favorite People Call Me Grandpa Shirt

Favorite People Grandpa Tee >>


Happy Grandparents Day! Best Crafts, Gifts + Activities Ideas for Grandparents Day
Happy Grandparents Day! Best Crafts, Gifts + Activities Ideas for Grandparents Day