Request or Give Help on the Harvest Land Whale

Harvest Land Whale | How to Request or Give Help in the Harvest Land Game

Your Harvest Land Whale is a great way to request specific goods from other Harvest Land players, without having to directly communicate with anyone.

You can also fill requests on others’ whales to help them out while earning coins, experience and casino chips on specific items you’re ready to part with, or when you need to clear some space in your storage warehouse.

How to Request an Item On Your Harvest Land Whale

To request an item on your Harvest Land whale, tap on your whale, and then tap one of the boxes that says Create.

Choose the item you need and set the price you are willing to pay. You can set the price higher to encourage your request to be filled faster.

Now you wait until someone fills your request!

No longer need an item? If a request takes too long to be filled and you no longer need the item, or if you need to make room for a more urgent request, you can use purple crystals to remove a request, and then you can immediately make a new request in its place.

Need to request more items? If you still need to request more items, you can use purple crystals to purchase additional request boxes on your whale.

How People Will See Your Whale Request

You can see when someone needs help by tapping the Friends button at the bottom right corner of your screen. There will be a bright exclamation mark over this button when someone needs help, or there is other news for you here. When you request help, the game will show your request to other players here.

While it’s unclear how exactly the game decides who to show here, it seems that it does prioritize those who are already friends and/or fellow clan members, as well as those who are at a similar level in the game (which makes sense, because players at a similar level are the most likely to be able to produce or collect the requested goods).

If you are a member of a clan, your whale request will also be seen in the clan chat.

How to Know When You’ve Received Items On Your Whale + Claim Them

When someone has kindly provided you with one of the items you requested, a bright exclamation mark will appear above your whale. When you tap/click on the whale you can see what goods you received, and move it to your storage warehouse.

Note that the items will remain on your whale until you move them to your warehouse.

Also note that once you’ve claimed a request, you will have to wait several hours until you can make a new request using that same box.

How to Fulfill Requests on Other People’s Whales

As mentioned above, you can view new help requests in the Friends button at the bottom right corner of your screen, or in your clan chat.

Unfortunately, you will have to visit that person’s land to see which item(s) they are requesting. This can be a little tedious, but the more you help others, the more likely they are to help you in return, and everyone wins.

When you get to the requester’s land, you must tap on their whale to see what they are requesting.

If you see an item you think you can sell to them, you can tap on the item to make sure you actually have enough of the item and still want to sell it.

If you do have enough of the requested item and want to sell it, tap/click Loading and the transaction will be completed. You will immediately be given the indicated amount of coins and experience, and you can go claim your “thank you” casino chip at any time.

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Harvest Land Whale | How to Request or Give Help in Harvest Land Game (Harvest Land Game Tips)