12 Ways to Make Room in Your Harvest Land Storage Warehouse

Harvest Land Warehouse Full? No Problem! Here's How to Make Room in Your Harvest Land Storage Warehouse

What’s the Harvest Land Storage Warehouse?

In the game of Harvest Land, your storage warehouse is where you keep most of the goods you’ve collected or produced. These goods are separated into different sections:

  • Armory (We@p0ns)
  • Granary (Crops)
  • Storage (General Storage)
  • Drawings (Building Upgrade Blueprints) *No storage limit.

If you’re playing the game right, each of these sections can quickly become full (except for the Drawings tab, which doesn’t seem to have a limit).

When a section becomes full, you won’t be able to add any more goods to that section until you move some out or expand the section to allow for more storage.

Harvest Land Warehouse Full? No Problem!

Thankfully, there are lots of ways to cleverly move these goods around to make more space, or to simply expand a section to allow a higher number of goods to be stored there. Keep reading for all of the ways to make room in your warehouse!

Fill Boat and Caravan Orders

If you have the goods to fill a boat or caravan order, you can sell those goods to earn coins and experience, while making room in their respective warehouse sections.

Sell Specific Items in Your Ship (Set Quantities and Prices)

If you want to move specific items, you can put them on your ship and send them to other lands in hopes that they will be sold.

TIP: In a pinch, temporarily put extra items you want to keep on your ship but don’t send it. This is a way to essentially create more storage, just note that you will have to use crystals to put then back in your warehouse and use them.

Feed Animals

If you need to make room in the crops section of your warehouse, you can feed seeds to the birds, apples to rabbits, and various crops to your farm animals (chickens, cows, pigs, sheep). You will usually earn a small amount of experience, coins, and/or other rewards for doing so.

TIP: If you’re in a hurry to move out some crops, you can visit OTHER players’ lands and feed their birds and rabbits!

Feed Workers

As workers are working at your buildings, they will often get hungry and request crops or other edibles you have in your warehouse. When they do, you can feed them to remove the item from your storage, and earn some coins and experience.

Help Friends

Other lands will often request help on their visiting ships and caravans, or inside of your clan chat. You can help them out by providing the goods they need while earning coins, experience and other rewards like casino chips for filling ship requests, and amulets for helping on a caravan.

Clan requests make it easy to only give 1 or 2 of an item if you don’t have enough to fill a larger request.

Make We@p0ns

When you make We@p0ns, you will have to use other items from your regular storage section. The We@p0n will take up a spot in your armory, but you’ll clear one or more spaces in regular storage.

Use We@p0ns to Fight Monsters

If you need to make room in your armory, you can use some We@p0ns to kill some monsters (or at the abandoned lighthouse) and get some great rewards in the process.

Use We@p0ns to Fight Dragon Race Enemies

You can also use We@p0ns (and lots of them) during a dragon race, to help your clan defeat enemies and earn keys!

Plant Crops That Use More Seeds Than They Produce

If you need to clear out some seeds from your granary, you can plant crops that use more seeds than they produce, such as potatoes, carrots, sugarcane, and pumpkins.

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Make Compound Goods From Simple Goods

When you make “compound” goods from simple goods, you can effectively move or clear out one or more simple goods from various warehouse sections, to take up only one spot in one section.

Here are a few examples:

  • Use 2 milks to make 1 butter (2 spots become 1)
  • Use 3 milks to make 1 cheese (3 spots become 1)
  • Use 2 bacon + 1 bread to make 1 bacon sandwich (3 spots become 1)
  • Use 2 carrots + 3 potatoes + 2 fish to make 1 fish soup (7 spots become 1)

Use Crystals to Remove Goods

If you’re really desperate to move out some goods quickly, you can use some purple crystals to trash a particular item. Note that when you do this, the total number of that item will be removed (you can’t choose to toss a certain number).

Expand a Warehouse Section

Finally, you can expand a warehouse section to allow more storage slots in that section!

To expand, tap/click on the section of the warehouse you want to expand, and then tap/click the Expand button. When you do, you’ll be able to see how much more room you’ll have with the expansion, and what goods are required to expand (generally these will be amulets).

If you don’t have enough amulets to expand, you can wait until you earn more, or use purple crystals to pay for the expansion.

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12 Ways to Make Room in Your Harvest Land Storage Warehouse (Harvest Land Game Tips) | Harvest Land Warehouse Full? No Problem! Here's How to Make Room in Your Harvest Land Storage Warehouse