15 Cheap & Easy Meal Plans

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You probably know about the basic ways you can save money on food: using coupons, shopping sales, shopping at different stores to get the best deal!

But another thing you can do to save money on groceries is meal planning! It probably sounds difficult, and it can be sometimes, but that’s why I’ve rounded up 15 free meal plans that are filled with healthy recipes!

You’ll find meal plans for one person, for two people, and even for families of 4 or more. Even if these meal plans don’t have the right quantities for you and your family, you can make some simple changes (like doubling or halving recipes) to make them work for you!

Frugal Meal Plans

$70/week Meal Plan for 4 People: 20 Min. Meals

This meal plan comes from Rosemarie at the Busy Budgeter

This meal plan is for a family of 4 – all three meals of the day, and includes a grocery list (with the prices)!

Not only do you get the meal plan and grocery list, she also gives you tips on how to meal plan and how to stretch meals

$30 Weekly Meal Plan From Aldi’s + Free Printable

This meal plan comes from Amanda from The Little Frugal House

This meal plan includes breakfasts, lunch, and dinners (21 meals for $30)

There’s a ton of variety in this meal plan – so you won’t be eating the same thing every day (no boredom!).

2 Week Meal Plan, Recipes & Shopping List

This meal plan is from Heather at Passion For Savings

It has two weeks worth of meals for under $85!!

This meal plan is dinners only, but this is still a great frugal meal plan that you can use for you and your family!

Cheap Meal Plan for Two – Under $30 for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

This meal plan is from Sarah at I Heart Frugal

Psst there’s also a printable grocery list!

This meal plan is for two people, includes three meals per day, and is all under $30!

The focus of this cheap meal plan is simple meals so there’s a lot of eggs, oatmeal, pancakes, soups on this list – so if you’re looking for something fancy, keep scrolling!

Frugal and Easy Instant Pot Soups for the Mom on the Go

These meals come from a roundup created by Marissa from Simple Money Mom!

She has 14 awesome frugal (and tasty) Instant Pot soups! It means you can make one every day for two weeks, perfect for quick dinners!

Some of the Meals Included:

2-Week of Frugal Meals

This meal plan is from Lucile at Inspired by Lucile

There are two weeks worth of frugal meals (NO SPAGHETTI!!!)

Lucile found the recipes from around the web and found that they were all perfect (and budget-friendly) for her family of 8!

Some of the Meals Included:

A Healthy Diet For $20.00 A Week

This meal plan is from Elise at Frugal Farm Life.

This is the ultimate cheap meal plan! It can feed two people ($20 per person), everything is gluten-free, it’s high protein, and you can easily make it dairy-free with just a few swaps (shout out to my lactose-intolerant people!).

Some of the Meals Included:

$100 Weekly Meal Plan For Family of 5

This meal plan is from Mommy Can’t Afford That!

This blogger is able to make her family of 5 dinners each week for under $100!

All the recipes are healthy and kid-friendly, and I love how much variety there is in all of the recipes.

Some of the Meals Included:

46 Freezer Meals on the Cheap

This meal plan comes from Natalie at A Turtle’s Life For Me

If you’re super motivated and want to do some serious meal prep, this could be the meal plan for you. Natalie was able to make 46 freezer meals in 4 hours for less than $100! (pssst that’s less than $2.20 a MEAL)

If you want to just spend one day making all of your meals for the entire month, this is a great meal plan for you!

Some of the Meals Included:

Frugal Weekly Meal Plan From Savor + Savvy

This meal plan is from Ginny at Savor + Savvy

This meal plan includes a free meal plan printable, too – so be sure to sign-up for it!

This meal plan has a ton of variety in it, including one slow cooker or one pan/oven baked/skillet recipe, one meatless recipe, and a meal that’s ready in 30 minutes in less.

Some of the Meals Included:

$29 Grocery Budget Challenge

This mean plan comes from Heather at Real: The Kitchen & Beyond. It is a $29 (per person for a week) meal plan, that includes 3 meals a day! Which means it’s only $1.40 per serving!

What I love about this cheap meal plan is that there wasn’t any coupons, buying in bulk, or any other shopping strategy used.

The meal plan also includes different types of meats, plenty of veggies, and some fruits too!

Some of the Meals Included:

5 Day Dinner Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Lauren at Tastes Better From Scratch.

This meal plan includes 5 different dinners that serve about 4-5 people a piece (perfect for families) – and included recipes that are family-friendly (and healthy!).

Some of the Meals Included:

7 Frugal Trim Healthy Mama Dinners

This meal plan is from Stacy at Protecting Your Pennies.

This cheap meal plan included 7 healthy dinner options that are about $2 per serving!

Not only are the meals in this plan healthy, cheap, and tasty, they are also quick to make! No staying in the kitchen for an hour trying to get dinner together!

Some of the Meals Included:

Meal Planning In College

This isn’t so much a meal plan as it is an ultimate guide for creating your own cheap meal plan according to your budget!

Learning to meal plan yourself is a great skill to have!

This article covers how to find proper recipes, how to pool them together and create your shopping list, using money saving apps like ibotta, and how to use the instant pot to save time (and money!).

Aldi Dinner Meal Plan

This meal plan is from Rachel at Mashup Mom and is ALDI’s specific, and is for dinners only.

This meal plan is not only full of frugal meals, it also feeds a family of 4!

You can get all the ingredidents to make 6 meals for 4 people for under $60! Which means it’s only $2.5 per serving!

Some of the Meals Included:

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15 Easy & Cheap Meal Plans
15 Cheap & Easy Meal Plans