Psalm 34:18 Free Scripture Wall Art Printable for a Broken Heart

Aesthetic Bible Verse Free Printable Wall Art Flowers (Framed Mockup) Psalm 34:18 Bible Verse for Healing and Comfort

Admittedly, I don’t often talk about my faith on this blog (or anywhere these days), not so much because I’m ashamed of it, but because I’ve had a lot of hard times as an adult.

I mean like gut-wrenching, soul-crushing, heart-breaking hard times that are difficult to share, and sadly, often-misunderstood and unintentionally judged when shared, even among well-meaning fellow Christians. And frankly, it’s become scary to continue to be open about it.

But as hard as sadly taboo as it may be, I think one of the most important things we can and should do as Christians is to admit when we are struggling, WHILE we are still struggling, and not just after we have a shiny testimony to share about how Jesus magically made everything great again.

It’s far too easy for hurting believers to feel guilty on top of their pain, for not “having enough faith” to snap out of it as quickly as is comfortable for others.

While sometimes God does miraculously deliver us from hard times (or at least from the feelings that come along with them), I don’t believe it’s biblical to expect that this will always be the case, or that when it doesn’t happen quickly it must be the fault of the one who’s hurting.

Psalm 34:18 A hope-filled [guilt-free] Bible verse for healing a broken heart

As someone who has often felt worse after seeking comfort from other people, I just wanted to share this verse in hopes that even if you are not quickly relieved from your grief or other suffering, it might give you comfort to remember that the Lord is near, He isn’t going anywhere, and you can feel free to experience and work through that pain freely with Him by your side.

For me, knowing that He isn’t going anywhere no matter what I’m going through or how I’m feeling or how many others have bailed (definitely have abandonment issues), has ultimately been more comforting than when He has simply taken the pain away altogether. (But of course, it doesn’t always feel that way while still in the thick of things.)

He is the only one who can and will save you from a crushed spirit, but this may not always happen the way (or as quickly) as you would like. In other words, He may not always swoop in to “make everything better,” but instead just be with you as you work through your sadness. This doesn’t mean He doesn’t care, or that He’s punishing you. There just might be a reason you need to go through this trial instead of around it, and grow closer to Him in the process.

However you’re feeling, He isn’t judging you for being sad or rushing you to “move on already.” He is patient and compassionate, and can handle the uncomfortableness of sitting in your pain with you, for however long it takes, even when others can’t.

Free printable Scripture for comfort: Psalm 34:18 watercolor flowers wall art

So, whether you’re healed from your broken heart quickly or not, I hope this scripture wall art will bring you comfort, and serve as a reminder that the Lord is near, He has patience and compassion for your pain, and He’s not going anywhere.

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