The Best Gifts for Music Teachers (Shirts, Mugs + More!)

Show your music teacher appreciation with one of these personalized, quirky, funny, or just plain awesome music teacher gifts!

The Best Gifts for Music Teachers | Quirky Funny Music Teacher Shirts Mugs Music Teacher Gift Ideas

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Music Teacher Shirts (Unisex)

“Some People Dream of Meeting Their Favorite Musicians – I Teach Mine” T-Shirt

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For music teachers who are their students’ biggest fan!
Men or women fit.

“Put on a Happy F A C E” Music Notes Funny T-Shirt

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A funny music note gift to make your music teacher smile 🙂 The musical notes spell out “FACE”!
Men, women or youth fit.

“I am a Music Teacher – It’s like a Normal Teacher but Way Cooler” T-Shirt

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Only for the coolest music teacher 😉
Men or women fit.

“World’s Greatest Music Teacher” T-Shirt

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Only for the greatest music teacher!
Men, women, or youth fit.

Music Teacher Mugs

“Music Teacher Fuel” Mug

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Great general mug for music teachers – because they need fuel to encourage intentionally noisy students!? 😉

Classical Music Notation Insulated Travel Mug

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Every music teacher needs a travel mug, or 5 (one for each day of the week?)

“I Was Born to Be a Music Teacher” Inspirational Mug

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To help remind them of their calling, and let them know you appreciate it!

“World’s Okayest Music Teacher” Gag Gift Mug

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The perfect music teacher gag gift!

“This Is A Sharp #, Not A Hashtag” Mug

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An important reminder – or lesson – for today’s students!

“What Part of [Crazy Music Notation] Don’t You Understand?” Funny Mug

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I mean, who WOULDN’T undestand it? Perfect gift for the snarky know-it-all music teacher!

“Shut Up” Music Rest Notation Funny Mug

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Perfect funny music teacher gift for when the class needs to simmer down… 😉 (The symbol means to rest, or be silent)

“Education is Important But Music is Importanter” Funny Mug

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Because music IS the most important education… obviously. Who really needs to learn things like speling?

Funny Music Notes Pun Designs Mug

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Perfect for the nerdy music teacher who loves puns!

“My Class is Full of Treble Makers” Funny Band Teacher Mug

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Just a little band geek humor! 🙂

Gifts for Male Music Teachers

Guitar Theme Desktop Pencil Organizer

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Practical desktop decor for the music teacher rocker.  Perfect for a guitar teacher!

“I Couldn’t Pick A Better Teacher” Guitar Pick Momento

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Just a little something for your favorite teacher.  Would go great with the pencil holder above!

Music Teacher Gifts for Women

Large Gusseted Canvas Music Notation Black Tote Bag

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Music teachers need to carry a lot of stuff!  This simple and attractive tote bag is sure to be appreciated by a female teacher.

“Awesome Music Teacher” Lined Notebook / Journal

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A pretty, practical, and affordable gift!  (Psst… would go great with the tote bag above!)

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