Easy Affordable Shipping Ideas for Gorgeous Memorable Packages

Whether you create your own products are resell items online, beautiful packaging for shipping doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive!

These affordable yet unbelievably cute shipping supplies will give your eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, Etsy, Amazon or your own E-Commerce packages an added touch with minimal extra effort. 

As a casual online reseller myself, I’m not one to intentionally spend extra time on making a package look pretty. I don’t wrap things up with tissue paper and handwritten notes because time spent is money lost, especially on items with small profit margins, am I right?? 

However… as I was browsing for some bulk bubble mailers one day, I stumbled upon some GORGEOUS pre-printed mailers, with a negligible difference in price to the plain gray or Kraft ones. They instantly made me gasp with delight, and I  thought to myself, “shucks, that would probably leave a much nicer impression on a buyer, with literally NO extra effort on my part.” And thus started my rabbit hole adventure to find more affordable and easy ways to majorly up my packaging game!

In this post, I’ll share my most beautiful, affordable and simple shipping finds to up your packages’ WOW factor big time with minimal extra effort! From gorgeous peel and stick mailers to custom branded boxes, stickers and shipping tape, these ideas will make you and your customers smile.

Rose Gold Postal Shipping Scale​

This one’s more for you (or me) as the shipper, to make your packing experience a little more beautiful! I know, it’s a totally unnecessary splurge, but I just love this gorgeous limited edition rose gold digital shipping scale! And if you don’t have a scale already, you may as well start with one that makes you smile:) It can weigh a .2oz letter to a 86 lb package, and can run on batteries, USB or AC.

Pre-Printed Poly Mailers​

Poly mailers are perfect for shipping clothes and other lightweight, unbreakable items First Class. And with these beautifully pre-designed bags, memorable packaging doesn’t get any simpler! Just place your item in the bag and seal the flap!

Gorgeous “Thank You” Poly Mailers​

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Chic Patterned Poly Mailers​

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Pretty Poly Bubble Mailers​

Bubble mailers are just as easy to use as poly mailers, and are great for small lightweight items that need some padding.

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Stickers with a Personal Touch​

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Affordable Custom Shipping Tape​

Custom shipping tape is a great way to brand your own products affordably and easily, without having to get fully custom packaging made. It’s perfect for Etsy stores and other boutique online shops trying to brand themselves on a budget. And since you likely have to use some sort of shipping tape anyway, why not put your logo on it?

StickerMule Affordable Custom Shipping Tape
Custom Shipping Tape by Sticker Mule


Easy Affordable Shipping Ideas for Gorgeous Memorable Packages - Pretty Ideas for Memorable E-Commerce Packages (Easy + Affordable)