5 Tips to Save Money When You’re Broke

***Please note that this was not written by a financial expert or advisor, just an everyday human trying to manage her finances:)

Living on a low income can be quite challenging. But trying to save money while you’re living on less can be super hard.

But there are many people who have made it out of the sinking sand, paid their debts, and saved money all while earning less.

And it’s definitely possible to save money FAST even if the income is lower than you’d like.

Check out these tips:


It’s so important that you start with a budget.  I know you’ve heard it before, but, that’s because it’s true.  You need a budget.

Creating a budget isn’t difficult, it seems overwhelming, but honestly, when you get started it’s not hard. The real challenge is creating a budget that works for you and your situation and is easy to follow.

A budget is the most important tool for someone living on a low income. It’ll help you control where your money is being spent and you’ll have an overview of where your money is going which also helps to see where you can save.

Remember this, whatever your income level is, you need to set up a budgeting system.

Food Expenses

Reducing your food expenses is always a good way to save money quickly.

Take a look at how much money your family is spending on food each month.

One of the things you can do to save money is to stop going out to eat and ordering takeout. Other things you can do:  start a small garden in your backyard, clip coupons, hit the sales, meal plan, try freezer cooking. All of these things can make a huge impact on your budget.

Cooking your own meals is truly a great way to save money and home-cooked meals are always more delicious and nutritious.


Who doesn’t love coupons? They’re totally awesome!

Coupons can help your family save money on groceries, diapers, and other things you need.

Go online and do a quick search for coupons that you can use for the items that you need to buy. There’s always coupons for groceries, oil changes, baby supplies, and almost anything you could think of.

Sell Unwanted Items

Selling items that you don’t want or need anymore is one of the ways you can get some cash quick.

You can also have a garage sale if you have lots of stuff to sell. You can easily make a quick chunk of change.

You can also sell your things on Craigslist or on Facebook Marketplace if you don’t want to have a garage sale.


Think about it, if you’re driving to work every day, you could be wasting a lot of money. It seems like a necessary expense but there are actually ways to save money on transportation.

There are alternative ways of getting to work. You could use a bike or carpool with your coworkers. You’ll even build stronger relationships with them. Riding to work together is better than going alone.

Always think of different ways that could save you money on your every day commute to work.

These tips are tried and true and will have you saving money in no time.  Plus, the good thing is you can still apply them once you’re income has doubled or even tripled.


5 Tips to Save Money When You're Broke