How to Buy + Sell Goods on Harvest Land Ships

Keep reading to learn how to sell specific items (with set quantities and prices) to other lands with your Harvest Land ship, and buy goods from visiting ships in the Harvest Land game!

Harvest Land Ships | Buy + Sell Goods in Harvest Land Game

Harvest Land ships are a great way to indirectly interact with other real players of the game by buying and selling goods. You can offer specific items for sale on your own ship, and send it to visit other lands. You can also buy goods from ships that visit your land.

Sell Specific Items on Your Harvest Land Ship

To sell and item on your own ship, first find your ship (at the left side port, with the front of the ship facing to the right) and tap/click on it.

Tap/click on one of the boxes to create and offer.

Go to the warehouse section with an item you want to sell, and then tap on the item.

Use the + / – buttons to set the quantity and price for the item you want to sell and then load it onto your ship.

Once you’ve loaded all of the items you want to sell (at least all of the items you can fit on your ship), tap/click the Send button. Your ship will set sail to visit other players’ lands, and they can buy something or send your ship away.

You’ll have to wait until your ship returns to load more items, and if nothing sold you’ll have to send it away again or remove some items from the ship to add something new.

If something sold, simply tap on the box that says “Sold” to claim your earnings. Now you can load something else onto your ship.

Need to sell more different kinds of items? You can use purple crystals to add more boxes to your ship. You can also add more ports to visit to increase your chances of making a sale.

Want to remove an item from the ship? You can use purple crystals to move the item(s) back to your storage warehouse.

Buy Items from Visiting Ships

Ships from other lands will frequently come to visit, offering their goods for sale. These ships will pull in from the right and stay for a few minutes, or until you tap/click to view what’s on board.

When you tap to see the items offered for sale, you can choose to buy something or send the ship away.

Each item box will display the price at the top, and the quantity in the bottom right corner.

To buy an item, all you have to do is tap/click it, so be careful not to do so too quickly!

TIP: When you send a ship away, it will get back to its owner more quickly, and you will also be sent a new ship with different items to browse. So, whether or not you decide to buy something, it’s always a good idea to tap/click the Send button.

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Harvest Land Ships | How to Buy + Sell Goods in Harvest Land Game (Harvest Land Game Tips)