4 Tips to Win Big at the Harvest Land Casino

Keep reading to learn how to win more at the Casino in the Harvest Land game!

Harvest Land Casino | 4 Tips to Win Big in Harvest Land Game

The Harvest Land Casino is a great place to win valuable resources you can use on your own land, while also earning easy points for your clan in the Dragon Races! Here are my best tips for making the most of the casino and winning more for yourself and your clan.

How to Get More Harvest Land Casino Chips

The first step to winning big at the Harvest Land Casino is, of course, to get lots of chips so you can place more bets and increase your chances of winning more items.

You can get chips by watching ads on the Floating Cinema, by fighting monsters, feeding animals, helping others by filling whale requests, and other random tasks.

Basically, the more active you are in the game, the more likely you are to run into some chips, but the Floating Cinema and helping on whales are going to be the most reliable sources.

When you fill a request on someone’s whale, not only do you get the coins and experience offered by them, but you’ll also receive a casino chip as a thank you. However, you have to “claim” it before you can use it at the casino.

Save Chips for the Dragon Races

If you participate in Dragon Races with your clan, you can maximize your casino winnings by saving up your chips and earning race points for completing a casino assignment. That way, not only are you winning valuable items for your own land, but you’re moving your dragon forward in the race, which can result in more keys and prizes for your whole clan!

If you save up 100 or so chips before a race, you can generally complete a casino assignment in just a few minutes, and earn lots of points for your clan. This makes for the perfect easy but high-value task when you have limited time to spend on race assignments.

Use Multiple Chips at Once

It took me a while to realize that you can actually use multiple chips during one spin to up your chances of winning something, or if you don’t particularly want anything that round and want to quickly move on to new items.

Pro Tip: Win 2 Different Items At Once!

In most cases, you will only win one item per round, but it is possible to win 2 items in one spin! I discovered this by playing around with using multiple chips per spin, and figured out how I was sometimes winning 2 items, like this:

Won 2 Items at Once at the Harvest Land Casino
Won 2 Items at Once at the Harvest Land Casino

Top 2 Items and Even/Odd Numbers

You may have noticed that the top 2 items where you can place chips do not have a number. For the items that do have a number, you win if the wheel lands on the number. So how do you win one of the top 2 items with no number shown?

After many tries, I figured out that the top-left item is won when the wheel lands on an even number and the top-right item is won when the wheel lands on an odd number.

So, if I place a chip on both one of those top items AND an item that is correspondingly even or odd, AND the wheel lands on that number, I can win both the item with the exact number the wheel landed on, as well as the top item!

Note that in the above image, the wheel landed on the number 6, which is an even number. Now, here is an image of where I placed my chips to win the 2 items above:

How to Win 2 Items at Once at the Harvest Land Casino
Chips placed before winning 2 items.

Before spinning, I placed 4 chips:

  • Top Left (even)
  • Top Right (odd)
  • Number 5
  • Number 6

So to recap, the wheel landed on number 6, which is an even number. Since I had a chip on both number 6 and the top left (even) item, I won both the blue satin cloth and the arrows!

If the wheel had landed on number 5, I would have won the chisel and the mulberries.

If it had landed on any other number, I would have only won either the arrows or the mulberries.

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Harvest Land Casino | 4 Tips to Win Big in Harvest Land Game (Harvest Land Game Tips)