Frugal Meal Plans

15 Cheap & Easy Meal Plans

Frugal meal plans for one person, for two people, and even for families of 4 or more. Even if these meal plans don’t have the right quantities for you and your family, you can make some simple changes (like doubling or halving recipes) to make them work for you!

Frugal Cookie Recipes

15 Easy & Frugal Cookie Recipes

You will love these easy, cheap cookie recipes! Sugar cookies, chocolate chip cookies, lemon cookies, oatmeal cookies, butterscotch cookies, peanut butter cookies, and more!

Best Grilled Cheese Recipes

21+ of the Best Grilled Cheese Recipes

Amazing creative grilled cheese recipes! There are some simple ones, some gourmet ones – like the Cranberry Bacon Brie grilled cheese, and some odd ones…

4th of July Desserts

15 Patriotic 4th of July Desserts

Here are 15 patriotic desserts to help you celebrate Independence Day… but honestly these desserts are perfect for any time of year!

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